Irukandji Tee Michaels

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5 – Star Suspense Thriller  (over 400 pages!)

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Raine’s cousin, Nicola Gardener, has suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared.
Her family is worried sick, though all for different reasons. Frightened, angry, and confused, Raine dangles precariously from a sticky web of deceit; a web that she, herself, has spun.

But the right thing to do doesn’t come easy when there’s a truth that can’t be given and a justice that can’t be found. How long can she hold it together? And just how far is she willing to go to protect all that she holds dear?


5 STARS!!!

Newcomer Tee Michaels does it again! With the release of her second book, suspense-thriller, Irukandji, Tee Michaels struts her stuff and proves she’s got what it takes. This master storyteller lays down the law in Blackwater, Mississippi with exquisite detail and provoking emotions. We said it once, we’ll say it again … Move over, Christy. The new queen of suspense is in town! — Fem-Fatale Reviews

5 STARS!!!

What’s the biggest secret of the Deep South? Irukandji! A superb thriller full of southern charm, Irukandji is the second book by author Tee Michaels. Once again, Michaels pays tailored attention to detail as the plot unfolds to expose one graphic, heart-pounding scene after another. An absolute must-read. — Nightingale Reviews

4 STARS!!!

A horrific page-turner! Irukandji is a shocking and intense romantic thriller. Author Tee Michaels gives a ferocious tug on the heartstrings with this one. Where does she get this stuff? Nice job, Michaels. — Dark-Realm Reviews

5 STARS!!!

Creatively horrific. Irukandji is the twisted tale of family loyalty and betrayal. Masterfully written by author Tee Michaels, Irukandji will be sure to keep you up at night. Miss Michaels obviously pours heart and soul into this work and the outcome is incredible. — Real-World Reviews

4 STARS!!!

Suspense-thriller, Irukandji, by author Tee Michaels, is a disturbing yet romantic story of one family’s struggle to cope with and overcome a gut-wrenching tragedy. This touching story takes place in Mississippi and wonderfully depicts the mystical allure of the Deep South, its strong family values, and historic culture. — Covenant Review Corner

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