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                                         Lucian Paul

As a postal worker, Thomas Grey has every advantage of a master thief at his disposal. He not only delivers the mail, but he also rifles through the discards. It’s more than just recognizing the high-end neighborhoods from the low-end ones: he knows the married from the single, those in debt and those living comfortably, those who work away from home and those who work in the home, those who own large dogs and those who own none at all. He even knows when a light bill is overdue and when someone is on vacation.

His victims are houses, both large and small, that harbor some kind of profit within. And the homeowners are carefully picked and professionally monitored. He even follows them around town to learn their daily routines and habits, a practice that helps keep unexpected returns at bay while on one of his “predatory missions”.

This time Thomas Grey’s intended victim is a large white house on the corner block of a prestigious neighborhood. He’s been monitoring it for over a year now. He knows everything about it. He knows it’s filled with expensive artwork and other valuable objects that, in the right hands, would ensure a comfortable future for a greedy postal worker with a vivacious appetite.

The only drawback is the homeowner; a wealthy young woman who seldom leaves the premises. But Thomas Grey is not worried. He knows all about her, too. He knows she lives alone and he knows that her boyfriend has just left for a job overseas. Getting into that house will not be a problem. In fact, if he plays his cards right, he’s banking on being able to walk right through the front door.

But what Thomas Grey doesn’t know is that he’s about to ring the wrong bell. The mystery and madness that lies within the walls of the large white house on the corner block is something that he has never encountered before or ever will again.

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