Strands Of Humanity Tee Michaels

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5 – Star Suspense – Thriller

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Vengeance belongs to God. Justice belongs to man. But what happens when the two collide or worse – when neither can be found?
It’s been seven years since Detective Sean Mayfield was choked, raped, and beaten within an inch of her life. Her attacker is still unidentified and free to roam the streets at will … until now.
The long-awaited moment has finally come, unannounced, unplanned, and unexpected.
But it isn’t as cut and dry as it appears, for a choice must be made, and a hefty price will follow, whether she allows the moment to pass her by or reaches out to possess it.


5 STARS!!!

Such a cool ride! Every thought, emotion, and action of the main character, Detective Sean Mayfield, is electric and pulse-pounding as she makes a demand on the justice that has escaped her for far too long. Perfectly written and developed.
Dark-Realm Reviews

5 STARS!!!

Totally wild and excellently written by author Tee Michaels, as usual. Strands of Humanity is both wicked and breathtaking. A sensational story about a victim of a horrific crime who finally gets a shot at justice, though it’s not the kind offered by the courts of today and probably not of tomorrow. Truly provoking.
Fem-Fatale Reviews

5 STARS!!!

A victim’s diary laid out bare for the world to explore. An absolute page-turner! Strands of Humanity by author Tee Michaels provides a raw, concerning look at our society today and where we may be headed in the future. A definite eye-opener and a marvelous read. Didn’t see that one coming!
Nightingale Reviews 

5 STARS!!!

Completely unexpected! Intense. Just wow! Strands of Humanity offers a spectacular view of one victim’s battle for justice and equality. Miss Michaels is quickly becoming a fan-favorite author.
Covenant Review Corner

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