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Welcome to the official site of critically acclaimed, 5-star, master writer and published author, Miss Tee Michaels.

FICTION: It’s about time! “Me time” … time to escape reality if only for a while. So, grab a blanket along with your book of choice and prepare to lose yourself in a creative world of exquisite pulse-pounding mystery & suspense-thriller entertainment that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

NON-FICTION: Times have certainly changed. Refresh yourself with an inspired perspective on the most trying and sensitive issues plaguing most Christians today. So, grab a cup of coffee along with your book of choice, and discover an exciting, innovative approach to God’s Instruction Manual (as well as a few surprises) and how best to apply it to today’s standards of Christian living.   

Whether you prefer ebooks or curling up with a softcover, we’ve got you covered.  Take a look around at the titles currently available as well as those to come.

Tee Michaels



HERITAGE: Indian, German, Irish   DOB: February 2, 19 – None Of Your Business.

HEIGHT: 5′ 5″ & 1/2 – Because The Half Is Very Important.

HAIR: Brown-black

EYES: Green Wrapped In Blue

RELIGION: Christianity

LOVES: New life / HATES: Cruelty

HOBBIES: Camping, Nature Walks


Aside from being a master writer, Miss Michaels is also a licensed cosmetologist, multiple business owner, avid animal advocate, and founder and president of Sundown Inc. in Louisiana and Texas. She is certified in Nature Conservation, Wildlife Management, and Zoology, and holds a perfect 4.0 GPA in 52 different fields of animal study. Miss Michaels is also in the process of getting her bachelor’s degree in zoology.

“I’m not much of a city girl,” says Tee. “I prefer country living, where the air is cleaner, the stars brighter, and the wind devoid of noise save for the birds that fill the treetops year-round and the coyotes running free in the darkness. There is no better way of living. It’s the heart and soul of life in the Deep South.”



Tee Michaels

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